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SMSPup is an easy way to save money on your mobile phone bill. We offer Australia's only 100% free online SMS service with no hidden fees or charges. You can also use your SMSPup reward points to bid in online actions to win great prizes from some of Australia's largest retailers.

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SMSPup provides our members a truly unique online experience where you can send love text, funny text or SMS jokes to your friends or simply send SMS chat messages or text your friends to say 'hello'.

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SMSPup is Australia's leading provider of free online SMS. We provide our members the only 100% free online SMS service by rewarding our members for participating in online promotions. Click here to sign-up to SMSPup.

Asia Pacific Digital

Asia Pacific Digital is the largest independent marketing services firm in the Asian region and we have developed some of Australia's leading loyalty reward programs catering to a wide range if interest areas.

We operate a network of websites and loyalty programmes which reward our members for responding to or taking part in promotional campaigns and market research projects for which they have pre-specified an interest in receiving.

Other websites in our network include Survey Choice, BigGiveAway, Win Free Fuel and What Do You Think?

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