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  • I have just registered but my password/activation code didn't come through! What should I do?

    Your account password is emailed out to you at the time you register and the activation code is sent to you by SMS.

    You should receive your account details within a few minutes, however if your password or key fail to arrive after 30 minutes, please contact support.

  • I've forgotten my password what should I do?

    There is a "Forgotten Password?" facility located under the "Login" fields on the main menu.

    Alternatively please click here.

  • While registering I keep getting the error message "Sorry, SMSPup http://smspup.com.au is strictly for Australian residents." Why?

    The SMSPup service is only available to persons within Australia. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

  • How do I change my email address?

    Use the "Account Details" facility located in the "About Me" section. The "About Me" section is only available once you have logged in.

  • How do I change my mobile number?

    Use the "Account Details" facility located in the "About Me" section. The "About Me" section is only available once you have logged in. You will be sent a new activation code when you update your mobile number.

  • I am unable to update my phone model as the options do not load. What do I do?

    If you have found that your Phone Model option keeps "Loading" it could be a result of your Browsers Security Settings.

    Please ensure your settings are accepting/prompting for "Active-X controls and Plug-ins" either as "Enabled" or "Prompt"

    You may do this in Internet Explorer by the following:

    'Tools' > 'Internet Options' > 'Security'
    Click the 'Default Level' button and 'OK'

    You may also add the SMSPup site to your Trusted Sites list:

    'Tools' > 'Internet Options' > 'Security' > 'Trusted Sites' > 'Sites'
    Enter 'http://smspup.com' and then click 'Add' then 'OK' > 'OK'

    Then 'Refresh' your page and you should be able to see the list of mobile phone models available.

  • I clicked on an Email Message, but I did not receive any points. Why?

    To access the SMSPup site as a registered user your browser must accept cookies. If your browser does not accept cookies, we will not be able to credit your account with points. See above for more information regarding cookies.

  • I have lost my Confirmation Email, how do I have it resent?

    Log into your SMSPup account, using the Mobile Number and password you provided us with during registration.

    The next page will ask you to either resend the confirmation email or change the email address to be confirmed.

    If the email address is correct, click the link to resend.

    If not, then correct the email address and click 'Update'.

    A confirmation email will be resent to the specified address. If you are still having problems, please contact us.

  • How do I earn SMSPup Points?

    You can earn SMSPup points in a variety of ways, including:

    • Reading and responding to email promotions
    • Reading promotional text messages sent to your mobile phone
    • Entering competitions via emails sent to you
    • Referring your friends to SMSPup
    • Clicking on indicated banner advertisements on the site
  • How many SMSPup Points does each service cost?

    Each Service cost a different amount of points and you are debited points for each SMSPup service generated through your account. The points needed for each service are:

    SMSPup Service Points
    Send SMS 1
    Bonus Just Mobile Credit 50
    Download Mobile Ringtone 60
    Download Mobile Game 60
    Download Mobile Video 60
    Download Mobile Image 40

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